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About Us

«We also want society to see who we are, to include us in different consultation forums, to involve us in the issues of society »

The Salon International de la Femme Noire

is a Montreal platform whose mission is to celebrate Black women and their influence over time and generations. This major event will instill self-esteem, and give the impetus for self-improvement that every Black woman needs to fulfill her ambitions.

It’s an interactive space:

  • To discover the universe of the Black and mixed-race woman through her eyes;
  • To discuss the place of the Black and mixed-race woman of yesterday, today and the future;
  • To share news on topics of interest to Black and mixed race women

It’s a space to get resources:

  • To meet the needs of Black and mixed-race women considering their cultural and socio-economic situation;
  • To access targeted services;
  • To support the success of their social integration.

It’s more than an event, it’s a movement!

Audace au Féminin

is a non-profit organization based in Montreal. Audace au Féminin aims to contribute to the emancipation, social and economic empowerment of Black women. Through its various events and collaborations, the Audace au Féminin team strives to equip Black women to develop their leadership and excellence in their areas of expertise.

Our desire is to facilitate sharing, meetings, discussions, community engagement. Numerous studies have shown that a multi-cultural population is important for the benefit of societies and national economies. Audace au Féminin wants to raise the awareness of authorities and socio-economic actors on the importance of integrating women born out of diversity into Canada’s social fabric.