5th edition of the Salon International de la Femme Noire

Montreal, May 26, 2022 – Under the theme of Renaissance, the 5th edition of the Salon International de la Femme Noire, the largest gathering of Afro-descendant women in Canada, proudly presented by Audace au Féminin and Scotiabank’s Women’s Initiative, will return in presence on August 6 and 7, 2022. This inclusive event will take place at the the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay. The Salon is a platform that presents
Afro-descendant models of success, an interactive space to discuss and exchange on the issues of Quebec and Canadian society. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the place of Black Women of yesterday, today and the future. On the schedule: panel discussions, conferences, interactive workshops and a “NanaBenz market,” composed mainly of local women entrepreneurs whose products and services are innovative and exclusive and a business centre “the Black Wealth Quarter.”

A collective Renaissance
Why Renaissance? Because the pandemic has had a powerful impact on our entire society. Mentality, human interactions, professional life, everything has been renewed. The SIFN is an opportunity to meet and participate in various activities on current topics of paramount importance mainly surrounding health from all angles: mental, physical, financial, family, societal, etc. This is the perfect time to be reborn as a society.

Health in All Its Forms
Over the past two years, social injustices against visible minorities have taken social media by storm. This collective awareness is a good first step towards an egalitarian and inclusive world, but it has not yet been achieved. Did you know, for example, research in the United States shows that breast cancer tumours in black women are more aggressive and that they succumb to the disease more quickly than white women? This important information is not common knowledge. Among other things, the SIFN is an opportunity to raise awareness of preventive screening among the affected population. Too often excluded from the stakes of society, the SIFN will allow Afro-descendant women and experts from here and elsewhere to address on several topics such as the right to abortion, gun violence, the place of the elderly in society, crypto-currencies, the reproductive health of Black women, Afro-feminine entrepreneurship, and more.

The Salon International de la Femme Noire

Saturday 06th et Sunday 07th august 2022 from 9h to 19h00 – Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal
Cost : 65$ a day; 95$  for two days

About Audace au Féminin
A non-profit organization, Audace au Féminin aims to contribute to the emancipation and social and economic empowerment of women. Through its various events and collaborations, the Audace au Féminin team strives to equip women to develop their intentional leadership and achieve excellence in the areas where they want to evolve. The organization’s desire is also to facilitate intra- and inter-community sharing, meetings, discussions, and interactions, while raising awareness among authorities and socio-economic actors of the importance of the integration and integration of women from diverse backgrounds in Canada.

About the Scotiabank Women’s Initiative
Launched in December 2018, Scotiabank’s Women’s Initiative is a flagship program designed to increase the economic and career opportunities of all women and non-binary people, so they can succeed today and tomorrow. It aims to support Canadian businesses owned or led by women. Since its launch, Scotiabank’s Women’s Initiative has invested more than $3 billion in Canadian businesses and welcomed more than 6,000 women entrepreneurs to workshops and mentorship sessions.

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