SIFN is much more than just an event, it's a movement!

It's the key event in Canada where Black Women are honored. This inclusive experience is 2-days that will take you to the right destination : Your vision! Join us for powerful conversations, instructive workshops and exhibitors from the brightest leaders and innovators on how to achieve your goals with excellence!

SIFN is not just an event but a movement!
SIFN is a symbol of daring and dignity with the motto : DON’T BE SCARED, DARE!

The #SIFN experience

Panels & Workshops

• Powerful panels on how find solutions about various issues.
• Instructive workshops to give many tips and ressources for your success.
• Opportunities to network with attractive, infuential Women.

Viola Desmond Award

• Celebrate a Black Woman who write the History with her accomplishments.
• Highlight the contribution of Black Women in societies.
• Inspire and Empower young Women and Women.


• Meet professionals whose services improve your life.
• Discover and shop must-have products.
• Promote companies to Women interested in innovation.

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    See you at the biggest Canadian event
    for black communities, August 12 & 13, 2023
    at the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal !

    300 +
    Workshops & panels

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